Many seed shops throw seeds away when they're passed their expiration date.

But we can use those seeds.

Other seed projects also support us by donating seeds.

Would you like to help? Contact us!


We really want to say a huge special thanks to this sponsor.

They do a lot for Seeds for Food.

They have been supporting us with seeds for years, they are one of our collecting addresses and they have a page on their website where you can buy seeds that get directly donated to us.


Seeds for Food isn't the only project they support, 'Cupidohof' and 'Eetbaar Lelystad', two Dutch projects have been able to build vegetable gardens thanks to Zaden en Zo.

Zaden en Zo (website in Dutch) has a wide variety of seeds and garden materials in their webshop. They also sell seeds forgotten vegetables and special seeds that you won't find in every shop.

You'll find seed calendars, manuals and tips on vermin control on their website.

On top of all this you get free seeds with every order.

Helza Hobbyzaden (website in Dutch) offers a wide variety of first class seeds at alluring prices.

We have flower seeds, vegetable seeds, herb seeds, grass seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and garden tools.

Zadenwerkgroep Velt / Zaden voor iedereen

Zadenwerkgroep Velt (Seedgroup Velt), lead by Hugo D'Hooghe, is a group of vegetable gardeners that collect and exchange seeds. They also inform people on hybrids, GMO's and much more.

Have a look at their website. (in Dutch)

Hugo also started Zaden voor iedereen (Seeds for everyone), a seedbank connected to Seedgroup Velt.

They collect biological seeds from gardeners and shops and give them to charity projects.

Have a look at their facebookpage. (In Dutch)

Seeds for Food was asked to come over to De Zaden and pick up 'some' seeds.

We nearly fainted when we saw that huge pile of boxes full of seeds!

And we're getting a donation again next year!

Thank you De Zaden!

www.dezaden.nl (website in Dutch) sells flower seeds, exotic seeds, herb seeds and vegetable seeds.

Of course they also offer product to grow those seeds succesfully.

And De Zaden offers garden gifts: original and educational!