Projects we supported with seeds in Senegal

Project Casamance

Ilonka used to be a collecting address for Seeds for Food.

In 2013 she and Rafael went to Senegal to start Project Casamance.

Casamance is a region in the South of Senegal, it has a river with the same name.

The soil around the river is very salty and nothing can grow there. Ilonka and Rafael, in co-operation with the local population, are using a technique to make that soil fertile again.

They started a vegetable garden and have been teaching us a lot about which seeds grow well there and which seeds don't.

They also collect old socks to protect the corn from birds.

You can learn all about Project Casamance in their facebookgroup. (In Dutch)

The first plants grow in soil that used to be infertile

Sock on corn

Kwekerij Fadial

Senegal is one of the countries worst affected by desertification.

Dirk and Marie (from the Netherlands) started a tree nursery to stop desertification and improve the living conditions for the people of the village Fadial. This way they tackle the enormous problem of food shortage, improve the living standard of the entire village and pave the way for better scholing and health care. (website in Dutch)