Can your project use seeds?

The goal of Seeds for Food is simple and grand: ban hunger from the world.

Sometimes people in poor regions don’t have a meal for days or they depend on food parcels that offer only a short term solution.

Good nutrition is the basis of everything. You can’t concentrate well at school on an empty stomach, without food you don’t have the energy to work and if you’re malnourished you’re more susceptible for disease.

We want to make people independent by offering them free seeds so they can start their own vegetable garden. Seeds to expand the garden can be obtained from the first harvest.

After a while there will be more seeds than needed and we expect that the excess of seeds is passed on to the neighbouring villages so they too can start vegetable gardens.

This way one vegetable garden has a growing effect and outside help becomes redundant.


How does it work?

Present your project at We will let you know whether you application has been approved as soon as possible.

The collecting address that’s closest to you will contact you to make arrangements.

You can pick the seeds up there or they will be sent to you provided that you pay the shipping cost up front.


The collecting addresses in the Netherlands give a maximum of 5kg of seeds.

The amount of seeds at the Belgian collecting address depends on the stock.

We’re still testing what grows well where so you’ll get a bit of everything, depending on which seeds are available.

What do we expect from you?

The intent is that you use the seeds from the harvest to expand the garden and that excess seeds are passed on to neighbouring villages.

We are still learning and so we ask to fill out a report on how everything went. It will be emailed to you.


There is a page on our website about the projects we’ve helped with seeds, it’s always nice for our seed savers to see what happened with the seeds and it is free advertising for your project.

If you would like to have a piece on your project on our site, please email to

Give the name of your project, website/facebook/…, a short text about the project and where the seeds were used specifically, one or several pictures and perhaps a fun anecdote about the seeds or the vegetable garden.

Your project doesn’t have a name but you’re doing something as an individual? No problem, do send us a text.

If you don’t have time to write all this yourself, just send us the website or facebook page of the project and contact info of someone we can reach for questions, then we will write the text.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

There are people in our group with wisdom and experience that would love to advise you.