Seeds for Food

Welcome to Seeds for Food

2017, the 10th aniversary of Seeds for Food!

Do you eat pumpkins, melons, sweet peppers, etc? You usually throw the seeds away...

If you wash and dry the seeds and send them to us, Seeds for Food will distribute them to people around the world suffering from hunger.

Then they can start their own vegetable garden, school garden or community garden and they will have their own food source.


At saving seeds you'll find a list of the seeds we can use. Send them to one of the addresses.

Do you know a project that could use our seeds? Present the project and contact us.

Meet other Seed for Food enthusiasts at the facebookgroup.


Seeds for Food is co-operating with Actions Vivres, a project from French Belgium. They arrange workshops on containergardening, have a repair café and a 'donnerie' where you can offer free goods and services.

Apart from all that they also have a seed project like ours with collecting addresses in Belgium, France and Italy.

You can order a book on seeds and containergardening, written with Willem van Cotthem, on their website (in French).