Collecting addresses

Where can you send the seeds to?

You saved seeds? Excellent! Send them to one of the following addresses.



Fiona McLean

77 Moncrieff Way



West Lothian


EH54 8LW


Stella Nysten

Caronstraat 61

2660 Hoboken


Janet Bunk

13de Laan 930


0084 Pretoria


Hilde Nakkash

136 Devonshire road



The Netherlands

Marja Verrijk

Gooilandlaan 24

8443 BJ Heerenveen

Paco en Lara Greven (Zaden en Zo)

Langezand 31

8223 WC Lelystad

Maud de Kok

F. Dietrich Kahlenbergstraat 134

1087LL Amsterdam

Actions Vivres

Seeds for Food co-operates with Acions Vivres, a Belgian seed project.

You can find their collecting addresses in Belgium, France and Italy here.

Would you like to be a collecting address for Seeds for Food?

At the moment we have enough collecting addresses in the Netherlands.

But we can still use some in Belgium or any other country.

So you'd like to be a collecting addres, but how does it work?


Collecting seeds, especially from exotic fruits but also from vegetables, and distribute them to development projects.


The seeds are conserved at room temperature. They are selected by type in a bucket with a lid. You could get buckets for instance at your local snackbar.

How much space you need

This depends on how many seeds are sent in, but most of the time you need a few big shelves.

How to find projects

At first people just popped up, they knew someone who knew someone who worked on a development project.

Now we're finding projects through google. Look for projects situated in your country that work in a development country, preferably a project that sends people to the country once in a while so they can take some seeds with them. Send them an e-mail informing them of what we do and add the link of this website.

Send the seeds to the projects

The seeds can be sent to people that go visit a development project (shipping costs are paid up front by the receiver) or they can be picked up by them.

You can also send the seeds through ambassies.


The seeds from Seeds for Food are used all over the world. Most people in development countries are farmers and know what to do with the seeds, even in difficult ground.


Everyone who works for Seeds for Food does this voluntarily. No one gets payed.

We support each other with tips and advice in a separate facebookgroup for collecting addresses.