How to process the seeds


Remove all the flesh and dry the seeds.  The best way to do this is to put them on a plate, not on paper, paper will stick to the seeds.

We prefer a paper bag over a plastic bag to put the seeds in.  The seeds will become mouldy in plastic if they're not completely dry.

Write on the bag what's inside.

Make sure the bag is well closed and the seeds can't fall out during transport, especially sweet pepper seeds tend to escape.


Do the seeds from our fruits have enough germinative capacity?


Yes.  Not all of them will result in a plant.  They would not be interesting for commercial ends, but they are fine for us.  Even if 5 seeds give only 1 plant, it is a succes.  They can get new seeds from the harvested fruits and expand the garden.



Is it bad for ecosystems to introduce our plants?


We introduce nutricional plants.  If those were invasive it would be very interesting for the local population (more food).  Hungry people don't leave edible plants alone, so the plants are harvested regularly and don't get the chance to disrupt the environment.

At one time we introduced potatoes and tomatoes and so on in our parts, those didn't disrupt the environment either.

If only we could find an invasive tomato to cover the entire desert.




How do I dry the seeds?


The best thing to do is to put them on a plate and leave it in a dry place for a few days.



How do I conserve the seeds?


There are different ways to do this.  A paper bag, coffee-filter or envelope are the most popular choices.

Make sure the seeds are dry so they don't mould.



Is it very important to separate red, orange, yellow and green sweet peppers?


Please separate the colours.  The seeds of the green sweet pepper aren't ripe yet, they don't germinate and you can throw them away.



What's the easiest way to clean pumpkin seeds?


Put the seeds in a strainer and let a little bit of water run from the tap.  It's easier to remove the flesh.  Rince well and leak out.  Spread the seeds on a plate and let them dry.



How do you clean tomato seeds?


Pour the juice with the seeds into a dish and leave it for 3 to 5 days.  It will become mouldy and disgusting. 

Wash the seeds with water and all the icky dirt will disappear.

Let them dry well.

By leaving them to 'rot' for a while the layer around the seeds disappears, this makes germination easier.