Do you eat pumpkins, melons, sweet peppers, etc?  You usually throw the seeds away...

If you wash and dry the seeds and send them to us, Seeds for Food will distribute them to people around the world suffering from hunger.


Sometimes people in poor regions don’t have a meal for days or they depend on food parcels that offer only a short term solution.

Good nutrition is the basis of everything.  You can’t concentrate well at school on an empty stomach, without food you don’t have the energy to work and if you’re malnourished you’re more susceptible for disease.


We want to make people independent by offering them free seeds so they can start their own vegetable garden.  Seeds to expand the garden can be obtained from the first harvest.

After a while there will be more seeds than needed and that can be passed on to the neighbouring villages so they too can start vegetable gardens.

This way one vegetable garden has a growing effect and outside help becomes redundant.